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The Adventures Of Baxter B. Ballyhoo !

Rating Reviews 4 stars
Adventures Of Baxter B Ballyhoo


Author: Vicki Alvey

The author is Vicki Alvey and it was published around June of 2005 by AuthorHouse. The child's book is 48 pages long. We want you to get the best price and service when selecting a children's book. Please, click on the shopping cart link.

Baxter B. Ballyhoo is a very high-spirited little boy who has been nicknamed"the terror of the second grade"with very good cause. In Baxter's first adventure, find out how Baxter copes with a fear that he has kept hidden from his classmates. till now! The second adventure involves a secret and has an ending that will surprise you. That indicates that Baxter is on the loose! In Baxter's third adventure the entire second grade takes a field trip to the fire station.


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