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Fighting The Flames, A Tale Of The London Fire Brigade

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Fighting The Flames
Author: R. M. Ballantyne

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This illustrated volume was published in 1876. From the book's Preface:This book is truly a tale, a story, a work of fiction founded on facts. Another fire fighting book is called, Fighting a Fire by Charles T. Hill. R M. B. EDINBURGH, 1867. If, in this effort, I have been in any degree successful, much of my success is as a outcome of Captain E. M. Shaw, chief officer from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade ; to Sampson Low, Esq. , Secretary to the London Fire-Escape Society, and to those officers and men of both brigades who have afforded me every facility and opportunity for acquiring infor- mation and attending fires to all of whom I now tender my best thanks for their kindness and courtesy. In the fabrication of it my chief aim has been to convey a appropriate general idea inside the working of the London Fire Brigade, without attempting to ex- pound that brigade in its uttermost details.


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