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Fire Boys - Save The Pets

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Fire Boys Save The Pets
Author: Justin Brown

The book has 14 pages. Even though reading is a thing which everyone of almost any age will enjoy, you will discover certainly lots of ways in which you may make the thrill significantly better. Some people proclaim they don't have enough time to read, nevertheless reading is yet another effective utilization of time, especially with the proper children's book. View these tips and you should really like reading a lot more.

Do  you have a 6-9 year old in the house who spends too much time on  Nintendo? When they get there, Leo breaks a factor very expensive. It's an exciting,  easy-to-read series (about 3000 words) starring three unlikely  characters.   This  series has proved really popular in schools and is now available for  common sale. There's Red (the competitive one) Leo (the serious a single)   and Spark (the loveable idiot ).   Says Justin the author: 'The FIREBOYS series was a lot of fun to write. They're easy to understand plus a good introduction to longer stories. Plus, when you're a kid, it feels great when you actually finish a WHOLE BOOK. 'Other books inside the series include FIREBOYS SAVE THE RACETRACK and FIREBOYS SAVE THE SCONES The stories have strong plots, quirky  characters and are perfect for kids 6-9 years. The FIREBOYS might be the answer. In  FIREBOYS - SAVE THE PETS all Red, Spark and Leo want to do is play a  game of soccer against some school kids, but there's a fire at the  pet shop.


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