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The Great Molasses Flood

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Great Molasses Flood

Charlesbridge Publishing

Author: Deborah Kops

In case you are shopping for a child's book We have assembled some good information. You really need to read Great Molasses Flood by Deborah Kops. Written by Deborah Kops and the publisher is Charlesbridge Publishing. This book was available on bookshelves on the 1st of February, 2012. The child's book has 112 pages. To get the same great price I found, visit the button below.

Boston, 1919. January 15, 1919 was an unseasonable warm day in Boston, Massachusetts, plus each day that would go down in history. One minute it was business as usual on the waterfront and the next - KABOOM! A large tank holding molasses exploded, sending shards of metal hundreds of feet away, collapsing buildings, and coating the harborfront community having a thick layer of sticky-sweet sludge.


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